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Security products:

For secure solutions we provide products from two of our partners.
Thales for hardware security modules and database encryption.

InfoGuard, who provides secure communication solutions with
link encryption for all possible network connection and protocol variations.

Most common products of interest are:

nShield Solo

Thales's nShield Solo cards are full scale hardware security modules which perform
encryption/decryption operations as well as full scale key management.
These are highly tamper resilient cards for all kinds of applications requiring secure
key management and cryptographic functionality. nShield is also the first
HSM available for PCI-Express platform starting from August 2008.

nShield Connect

Thales's nShield Connect module is basically an nShield Solo made available over the network.
This way a larger number of hosts can benefit from the secure key management.

All Thales nShield series products use nCipher's Security World architecture which means that
keys can be swapped between all of the different modules.
It makes key management very simple as well as provides a powerful and easy way for future upgrades.

EtherGuard 1/10 Gbit/s

InfoGuard's EtherGuard product line is a layer-2 ethernet encryption solution
which can be incorporated in almost any LAN topology.
The appliance provides line-speed ultra low latency (<5┬Ás) strong encryption using AES (128 or 256 bit) encryption.
This device is ideal for encrypting ethernet links between datacenters.

Multilink encryption

InfoGuard's Multilink/Multiprotocol encryption units provide line speed 10Gbit/s encryption of fiber and sonet links.
Through a combined device of SonetGuard and ADVA TDM you can encrypt a number of SAN and ethernet links
at the same time and pass the combined data along a 10Gbit/s fiber.
This device is ideal for encrypting all traffic between two or more datacenters.